Alchemy in Movement

You will be amazed at what potential we all have to do amazing things. It is easy, not simple. What is worthwhile finding in guided movement hails from contemplation and meditation (awareness) so that the movements and creation of space in the physical body resonate into daily life through direct experience. Alchemy in Movement, A.I.M., is an open movement system founded here at the Movement Salon by Anthony.

Open Movement System

An open movement system consists of an activity fully open to experience that involves some destruction of the mover’s preexisting limitations.

A.I.M. lifts us beyond elitism. This type of movement is so new and bold to ordinary people that it is instantly transformative. It shatters our labels, our limits, and the confines of our proprioception.

A.I.M. is not intended to meet your expectations, nor to be fully grasped. It lends itself to excitement, curiosity and imagination.

A.I.M. is meant to be playful and insightful. It allows one to find transitional space opened up by the new encounter and thrust one into creating and finding space inside and outside the body.

A.I.M. points us beyond what we think we know and what we think we can do to a deeper, functionable consciousness.

In creating an open movement system, Sal Anthony is trying to conceive how sensation followed by movement can discuss the unknowable.

How A.I.M. is Taught

A.I.M. is offered in a private session format. This movement system consists of shattering pre-existing limits and to open us to a functional consciousness so we can reunite with our body.

You will be amazed by your potential for harmony in movement! This system was developed by the founder of the Movement Salon, Anthony, and is only taught by him.

This is a new paradigm of awakened living when exercising in movement.

A.I.M. is taught in 90 minute sessions by the founder for $150.

190 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10003
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