In a Gyrotonic® session, you will find your body unfolding in a marvelous way. Gyrotonic® provides very powerful conditioning and awareness through movements that increase the potential for mobility.

Assisted by the Gyrotonic® Pulley Tower, you move in continuous, circular motions that generate energy, utilize the breath, and massage the body, both internally and externally.


Gyrotonic began around 30 years ago by Juliu Horvath, an accomplished dancer and gymnast, who, today, is still refining and inventing the techniques used by teachers all over the world.

At Sal Anthony’s Movement Salon, we offer expert Gyrotonic® private instruction, with  reasonable rates.


  • Private instruction with Gyrotonic® trainers $85.00 – $125.00/hr
  • Duet sessions available
190 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10003
+1 (212) 420-7242

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