Yoga is a traditional practice from India encompassing awareness through breathing, meditation, and physical postures, all aiming towards spiritual liberation.

We offer Ashtanga, Hatha, and Vinyasa style Yoga. Clients are guided through movements that promote bodily awareness synchronized with breath, and are thereby safeguarded from injury while becoming more dexterous and kinesthetically self-aware. By locating the breath, aspiring yogis are able to access energy, grace, and balance through movements that birng us closer to homeostasis (balanced state).

You should bring comfortable clothes that allow you to move easily.

The majority of the session time, you will be moving your body through a variety of interesting and challenging positions that nurture suppleness, dexterity, and awareness. As you continue to practice, the positions will become familiar, allowing you to discover new challenges which keep you engaged along the journey. Sessions ends with a restorative pose and a moment of meditation.

Yoga Styles

Ashtanga-Inspired Flow with Dana Tarasavage


Traditional Ashtanga Sun Salutations begin every class. Students then move through a powerful, inspiring standing series. We focus on building strength and stamina, lengthening muscles and creating a deep core connection. Next, we explore seated postures, including forward and backward bends, twists and optional inversions. The ujjayi breath is used to calm and connect mind and body. Strong, precise, alignment-based movements are encouraged by use of the Movement Salon’s unique “Align-Mats.”

Conquering Lion Yoga with Erin McGrath


Deeply grateful to her teachers, especially Kelly Morris, Erin teaches Conquering Lion yoga which maintains that the goal of Yoga is nothing less than reaching Enlightenment for the sake of every living being. The practitioner develops this wish through their Yoga practice: using the breath, the body and the mind together to reach that single, sacred goal. Expect to sweat in the name of love!

Vinyasa with Rachel Canale

Just as the sun remains constant but also ever changing, so do we. When our bodies and minds are in sync, we can move through the world with equal strength and grace. My yoga certifications include post and prenatal, restorative, meditation, special populations, Yoga Nidra, and kids yoga.




Private Session $90 – $125 per hour


We also recommend supplementing your Yoga training with Pilates private instruction or Pilates Machine Classes. Pilates is a powerful system of core strengthening that complements the opening of the body experienced during Yoga. See our Pilates page for more information.

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