Floor swimming/ BAsic Acrobatics

Learn Basic Acrobatic Skills like Cartwheels, Various Rolls and Handstands in a fun, supportive environment while gaining strength and flexibility.

Amazeballs Massage

Release tension to compliment your workout routine and relieve stress using our signature massage balls - massage balls provided for use and for sale $5 each

Magic Circle Pilates

A Pilates Mat Class focused on using the “Pilates Magic Circle” designed to be able to use at home or on the go with a light, easy to store travel version of this classic prop.

Restorative Mobility/ Stretch

This class will focus on calm, deliberate techniques using specially designed props to mindfully release muscle tension patterns. Sanitized props provided.

Aerobicize Dance Class

Dance Party Class with Shelby and music. In this 45 minute dance class, choreographed and musically curated by Shelby, you will "Get Crazy", have fun and sweat! Be brave! It's a super easy two step aerobic class and you will have a blast!

Partner Massage

In this 50 minute class, we'll partner up and learn to apply basic massage techniques that help release common tension patterns in the lower back, neck and shoulders. Please wear comfortable workout clothing.

Pilates Habitat

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New York, NY 10003


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